Ensure you Scale your SA Business in a Sustainable and Profitable way with a Strategy Review!

Your completed Strategic Plan will help you to avoid the big mistakes that others are making, and ensure your SA business is setup to help you achieve your personal goals!

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Having the right strategy in place is instrumental to ensuring you achieve success in your business.  During a recorded 3 hour video call, you'll work with Chris to ensure you have a strategic plan in place that will give you a clear blueprint for how to build and scale your business.

You'll come away from your Strategic Review with:

  • A Clear Strategic Plan
    You'll have a blueprint for your business growth all the way from where you are now, to achieving your business and personal goals.  
  • Understanding your Niche Model
    The more niche your model, the less risks in your business.  Reduce your business risk by knowing and understanding your niche model of serviced accommodation!
  • Knowing your Corporate Structure
    Deciding whether to do business in your own name, an LLP or a limited company incorporates many factors, which we'll take into account when deciding upon your ideal corporate structure.
  • Clarity of Communication
    Having a clear vision for your business will improve communication with staff, clients, business partners, agents, investors...

What Others Are Saying:

Hitesh Mistry

"During my Strategic Review it become clear that continuing to scale through Guaranteed Rent was unsustainable.  Chris helped me to change my business model, setup a new business and now I am well on the way to achieving my personal goals!"

Anne Nuakeze

"I was doing a number of Joint Ventures in SA, but I hadn't really considered the VAT implications.  I worked with Chris to optimise my corporate structure, which has allowed me to focus again on growing my business without worrying about tax!"

Alona Vuzem

"Chris has a great level of expertise, and really helped me to troubleshoot some problem areas.   We also came up with a plan to re-structure my business and put together a plan for long term growth"

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