Serviced Accommodation Quick Start

The Serviced Accommodation Quick Start Programme has opened and in this episode we are giving away free resources to help you kick start your Serviced Accommodation business, including:

  • Deal analyser – snapshot
  • Deal analyser for long term deals
  • Book excerpt on Planning Use Class
  • How to reduce your VAT bill
  • Book excerpt on Revenue Management
  • Trello To-Do List Template


In this episode Kane joins Chris as they cover the SA Quick Start programme as well as:

  • Business Strategy
  • Knowledge and Free Resources
  • Advice and Accountability with Free template
  • Business and Serviced Accommodation Systems

Download the FREE RESOURCES at:

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Show Notes:
The Serviced Accommodation Podcast is a show brought to you by Chris Poulter and Ritchie Mazivanhanga aimed at new and experienced property investors alike. With each show we help you Start, Systemise and Scale your Serviced Accommodation Business.

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