The Serviced Accommodation Podcast was setup to help you to start, systemise and scale your serviced accommodation business.

Producing each episode is a team effort, with Chris and Ritchie as the experts and hosting the podcast supported by Chris Huskins as producer and marketing.

Chris Poulter – SA Podcast Host

Chris started his career as a music producer, combining his two main strengths – the technical and the creative.

After discovering life as an entrepreneur was even more creative than working in music, he started on focusing on building and scaling fully systemised businesses.

Overseeing the consulting side of his and Ritchie’s business, Chris focuses on running The SA Boardroom, The SA Quick Start and The SA Accelerator.  He also acts as Strategic director for Southampton Apartments, and conducts deal analysis for all of their investment deals.

Ritchie learnt about property from becoming a certified mortgage advisor and financial consultant working for Nationwide.

Having seen a constant stream of homeowners and property investors in his job, his interest in property grew to the point where he decided to quit and become an entrepreneur, working alongside Chris.

Ritchie’s passion is for creating and building relationships, which is a critical part of his role in managing Southampton Apartments.  He also works with investors to find appropriate investments, identifying promising opportunities and ensuring that they reduce their risk and maximise their returns.

Ritchie Mazivanhanga – SA Podcast Host

Chris Huskins – Producer & Marketing

With a background in commercial radio, Chris Huskins always had a passion for audio.  

As podcasting became more popular in America, he took note and launched several podcasts while still working for Celador Radio.

Chris found being a pioneer in the UK podcasting scene more exciting than his radio job, and quit in order to focus full time on the podcast world. Fast forward a few years and he is running three podcasting and marketing businesses.

Chris brings a wealth of experience to The Serviced Accommodation Podcast, from recording and editing through to distribution and marketing.