How to Systemise and Scale Your SA Business

Most serviced accommodaion businesses are trying to scale a model which simply won't work.. 

NEWSFLASH: If you think simply getting 10 properties on guaranteed rent is going to give you financial freedom, you are most likely in for a very nasty shock...  

Not only do you need to consider the model you're using, but also the VAT implications, cashflow projections, staff and overhead costs...

If you'd like expert help building a TRULY scalable and profitable Serviced Accommodation business, the Boardroom Mastermind is what you've been looking for.

Your ticket to sustainable growth... The Boardroom Mastermind.

FREE Strategy Review (worth £500!) 

Over a 3 hour video call, or in person in Southampton, you'll work with one-to-one with Chris to put build a strategic plan for growth.

Monthly Board Meetings

Take a step back from your day-to-day activities in an intense 9am to 6pm mastermind, taking a high level view of your business. 

Systemise Your Business

You'll work with Chris to build an implementation plan for new systems, to allow you to focus on scaling not running your SA business.

Confidential Environment

Working in a confidential environment, you'll have a trusted peer group to share best practice and to hold you accountable.

Your Boardroom Mastermind Hosts



Strategy, Finance and Systemisation

Chris and Ritchie having been business partners in various businesses for over 8 years, and have focused exclusively on property since 2015. Their first property project was a 29-bed hotel, and they went on to build a hands-off Serviced Accommodation management service in Southampton.

As well as being operators themselves, they have acted as consultants to over 100 Serviced Accommodation businesses. This has allowed them to identify why some businesses succeed while others fail, and to share best practice with all of their clients.

The biggest impact on their clients businesses is around strategic planning, systemisation and successfully scaling.



Sourcing, Investment and Relationship Management

FREE Strategy Review (worth £500!)

Through several hours of exercises and video calls, you'll work with one-to-one with Chris to put together a clear strategic plan for your business.  

This will give you a blueprint for your business growth all the way from where you are now, to achieving your business and personal goals.  

You'll avoid falling into the same trap as many other operators, with a sustainable business model that allows you to scale without worrying about VAT killing your business, while minimising your risk and achieving your goals in the quickest and easiest way.  

You'll also examine your corporate structure with Chris to ensure that you have structured your business in the most tax efficient way. This will avoid you paying unnecessary tax, and ensure you are protected from the trading risk of the business.  

As well as giving you a sustainable growth plan, your strategic plan will form the basis of your day-to-day activities in the business, and will provide a reference point for your time in the boardroom. This will allow you to immediately see whether you are on course to achieve your goals, and if not what you need to change to get back on track. You'll also find that having a clear vision for your business will improve communication with your business partners, staff, clients, agents, and investors...


"During my Strategic Review it become clear that continuing to scale through Guaranteed Rent was unsustainable. Chris helped me to change my business model, setup a new business and now I am well on the way to achieving my personal goals!"  

Hitesh Mistry Vision Short Lets

Birmingham Meeting

"If you want to improve your business, if you want to scale up your business, if you want to generate and share new ideas and be around likeminded people - then the boardroom mastermind is the place to be!"

Linda Attram Heathrow Apartments 


Your Monthly Board Meeting

Take a step back from your day-to-day activies with an intense 9am to 6pm mastermind, taking a high level view of your serviced accommodation business. 

This will enable you to make sure you are making the right decisions and taking the right actions to ensure you achieve your goals. You'll get high level strategic support, guidance and analysis from Chris and Ritchie, benefiting from their knowledge and experience to drive your business growth.

A 2 course meal is included for lunch, and hot drinks and snacks are provided throughout the day. There is an optional evening meal so that you can continue networking with your fellow board members and other SA operators in a more informal setting.

Working with a small group of professional operators as your own personal board of directors, each person will bring their unique experience, skillset and perspective to help you you overcome any challenges you experience. With a maximum of 6 operators in the room, you'll get the perfect balance between focusing on your own SA business - with at least one hour guaranteed - and learning from other operators. The boardroom setting will make you treat your business with a new level of professionalism, which will help you to build the infrastructure and team you need moving forward.

"We took on a couple of amazing opportunities to grow our SA business, but were worried about our capacity to manage them effectively. Chris helped us to systemise our business and organise our staff better, so that not only did our service improve but we even have capacity to take on more sites!"

David Diack Prestige Property Lets 

Systemise Your Business

One of your biggest barriers to growth is YOU!

If you are involved in the day-to-day operations of your business, you won't be able to grow without losing more and more of your time. Systemising your business to a high level will allow you to take a step back from operations, while improving standards and consistency. This will allow you to concentrate on growing your business, instead of running it.

You'll gain insights into the systems that Chris and Ritchie and your other board members use within their SA businesses. This means that rather wasting time researching, implementing and refining systems, you can copy tried and tested systems already being used successfully in other serviced accommodation businesses.

You'll work with Chris to review your business, looking at where the strengths and weaknesses lie in your systems. You'll agree an action plan to implement systems within your business, and receive recommendations for the right professionals to work with. This means that even if you consider yourself a technophobe, you'll be able to systemise your business easily and quickly!

Confidential Environment

One of the biggest struggles as an SA operator is a lack of realistic reference points.  

You often see people posting about their serviced accommodation businesses on Facebook, but these posts almost always present a very skewed view and often include exaggerations or even outright fabrications! This may make you feel frustrated, as you feel like you aren't making as much progress as those around you - even thugh the opposite is probably the case.

The boardroom mastermind will give you a confidential platform to discuss your business, and learn about other operators. As all board members sign a legally binding non-disclosure agreement (NDA) you can discuss sensitive aspects of your business for invaluable feedback, without worrying about confidentiality. This also means your fellow board members will be happy to share their best practice with you, allowing you to take their learnings and apply them within your own business. You'll understand how other businesses really operate, without any of the "spin" you might find on social media!

Chris and Ritchie put a huge amount of effort into bringing the right group of operators together, so that not only will you have access to a variety of expertise, but you'll never have to worry about sharing information with competitors. This means you'll have a trusted peer group of professional SA operators to share best practice and to hold you accountable.

Boardroom Meeting

"I was a little worried at first about revealing sensitive parts of my business, but those worries quickly disappeared. The group is fantastic at bringing ideas to solve my problems, and are constantly sharing tips and tricks which I implement within my business".

Robert Laimer Primero Apartments Ltd 

Are you ready to scale your serviced accommodation business?

The Boardroom Mastermind also includes...

Direct Access to Chris and Ritchie

Outside of the boardroom meetings you will have personal access to your mentors who can give you expert advice when you need it the most

Online Group Coaching Calls

Every month you will have access to group coaching to give you regular touchpoints, hold you accountable, meet other SA operators and share further best practices

Standard Reporting Format

Our Standard Reporting Format will give you great clarity around how your business and finances are performing, and allow you to make better decisions

Access to Library Resources

You'll have access to our extensive library of resources, including ready-to-use legal documents, deal analysers, compliance documents,email templates and market reports

SA Podcast

"I was doing a number of Joint Ventures in SA, but I hadn't really considered the VAT implications. I worked with Chris to optimise my corporate structure, which has allowed me to focus again on growing my business without worrying about tax!"

Anne Nuakeze Chiswick Apartments Ltd


Direct Access to Chris and Ritchie

It is inevitable you will run into problematic situations when running a business. These situations can take large amounts of your time and attention, cause great stress and take you away from the bigger picture of scaling your business.

Access to expert advice when you need it the most will minimise the impact of these situations on your business. With direct access to Chris and Ritchie, you'll be able to get instant advice, plan out your response and move forward quickly.

As well as emergency telephone support, you'll also have direct access to Chris and Ritchie via WhatsApp voice messages and social media.

For non-urgent enquiries, you'll have access to closed Facebook Group where you can get all of your questions answered by Chris, Ritchie and the rest of your boardroom peers.

Direct access to our professionals, who know and understand how your SA business works

Online Group Coaching Calls

As well as the monthly Boardroom Mastermind meetings, you'll also have access to monthly video group coaching calls.

You'll also improve your understanding of other SA businesses by interacting with operators from other areas. This will bring more new ideas and best practice into your business, and expand your peer group of professional operators.  

These regular touch-points will increase your accountability, ensuring that you take the action you need to achieve the goals set out in your strategic plan.

Sometimes in group situations just sitting back and listening to your peers can add massive value from learning new approaches on how to handle certain situations in your business that you have not yet experienced.

Further learning from your peers on these group coaching calls gives you added value outside of the boardroom meetings where you have the opportunity to connect with other SA opertators from around the country.


"The accountability I get from having regular touchpoints with experts who know and understand my business is totally invaluable!"

Graham Lindley PRIM Short Stay


"The standard reporting format has realy helped improve our business! It became clear what was going well and what we could improve upon, and which deals we should be doing more of in future."

Lisa Hudson Urban Square Property 

Lisa Hudson

Standard Reporting Format (SRF)

We'll help you to implement our standard reporting format within your business, using our custom spreadsheet to auto-generate reports. This means you'll spend much less time getting your books together and producing reports, which can be a very time consuming activity for many operators.

Having clear KPI's in this format will give you great clarity around how your business and finances are performing, and allow you to make better decisions. It also means that Chris and the other board members will be able to quickly gain and share insights into the performance of your business, sharing their interpretation of your figures to highlight opportunities and risks.

Using our custom built SRF document you will be abe to quickly and effortlessly see how your business is performing. Think of a Dragons Den scenario where you get asked critical information on your businesses performance. If only you could have a document such as this that could immediately answer the question.

Chris has developed the Standard Reporting Format document that can plug straight into your accounting software and extrapolate your business KPI's ready to take to your next Boardroom Mastermind meeting.

Access to Library Resources

You'll have access to our extensive library of resources, including ready-to-use legal documents.  

There are the genuine documents we use in our business, and are regularly updated by our legal team. Documents include landlord and client contracts, terms and conditions and loan agreements. You'll save huge amount of time and money with solicitors by instead using our templates.

On our cloud-based resource library, you'll also find our deal analysers, compliance documents and market reports. Checklists that you can immediately start using within your business include cleaning, auditing, fire safety, risk assessment, and property setup. 

Email communications can take a lot of time and effort to design and refine - you'll have a complete set of email templates you can start using immediately in your business, which are proven to increase guest satisfaction and reduce the number of guest enquiries.

The Library Resources alone are worth thousands of pounds, and will give you a massive headstart with improving the systemisation of your business!


"One of our first projects was a block of 9 studios. Without access the management contracts, terms and conditions and email templates (not to mention a few calls with Chris!), we wouldn't have had the confidence to take on the project."

Rajiv Gadhvi & James Sneath SA Management Ltd 

Frequently Asked Questions

Is This Program Right For Me?

This program will benefit anyone who wants to improve their business by systemising their operations to ensure a smooth operating machine. It’s especially useful for anyone who views serviced accommodation as a business, not just another property strategy, and anyone who wants to generate more sales and repeat customers using online asset channels, direct bookings and our networks. This program works well for established businesses looking to grow and increase their revenue and make a profit even after hitting the VAT threshold. It also increases visibility and credibility as you scale and attract more clients through application of our techniques we teach.

I Have Just Started My SA Business 3 Months Ago. Is this Program Right For Me?

We like to work with already established SA businesses because our expertise lies within systemising and scaling. If you have not encountered the pain from operating a SA business from the early days, you are not likely to appreciate the intermediate to advanced teachings we offer. Businesses who have been operating for at least 6-12 months are entry candidates, however, exceptions can be made based on the individual business and its directors experience.

How Much Does The Program Cost?

You pay a monthly subscription fee of £500 (No VAT) for the Boardroom Mastermind program. This price includes all the components listed above. It also gives you access to a closed member Facebook group.

Is There A Refund Policy?

If you’re not satisfied with the Boardroom Mastermind sessions you can simply give us 30 days notice. Members who follow along with the program, implement all our teachings and actively execute their accountable actions each month are more successful in growing their business and are delighted with the Boardroom Mastermind program.

How Long Does The Program Last?

From our experience we typically recommend at least a minimum of 6 months mentoring on this program so that you have the time to reflect and see the progress and changes made in your business. There’s absolutely no fixed contract or tie-in, therefore, so long as you continue to recieve quality value, you will see your business continue to transform and grow. We do, however, suggest you reach out to us with any concerns you may have so that we can address any questions regarding the program.

What If I Have Questions Or Need Support After The Boardroom Mastermind Meeting?

Our monthly meetings do not stop there in the boardroom. Once enrolled on to the Boardroom Mastemind you’ll receive information from us on how best to contact us. Access via email and social media platforms are generally the best way to get in touch with us. You will also be able to submit and ask questions during the live monthly group video sessions, and through our private Facebook group.

Are you ready to work towards full business systemisation?