We have received a number of questions asking how to subscribe to our podcast. With a smartphone it is nice and easy whether you have an iPhone or Android device. Subscribing means that your podcast app will automatically deliver you the newest episodes straight to your device, ready to listen as soon as the podcasts are out.

To subscribe on iPhone or iTunes:

  1. Navigate to iTunes or the Podcasts App on your iPhone
  2. Either search for ‘The Serviced Accommodation Podcast’ or simply click this link from your browser: iTunes Link
  3. On both iTunes and iPhone there is a clear button labelled Subscribe (Show below). Hit that and you are done!

To subscribe on Android:

Not an iPhone user, don’t worry you can easily subscribe following very similar steps to the iTunes instructions above if you already have a podcast app on your smartphone. If you don’t have one yet, there are some great apps out there that are easy to use such as Stitcher, Pocket Casts and Podcast Addict.

When you have your podcast app downloaded, simply hit the button below to be taken to the subscribe page for The Serviced Accommodation Podcast.
Subscribe on Android



Want to listen on your PC or Mac?

If you have iTunes on your PC or Mac you can simply follow the above steps to subscribe. Otherwise, simply join our Facebook group for regular updates on the new episodes, you can even listen directly from the group. Join here by clicking here.