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Congratulations, you’ve made the decision to join the lucrative world of Serviced Accommodation – but what should you do next?  What holds most people back is a lack of confidence – confidence in your knowledge, confidence in your figures and confidence that serviced accommodation works in your area.

Maybe you should go do some training, team up with someone already doing SA or speak to a property sourcer? All of these may well help, but what could be better for confidence than doing your first deal with the support and guidance of two experienced operators?

Chris and Ritchie offer a unique service to ensure you get your first property up and running smoothly. In an intimate group of just 5 entrepeneurs, you’ll spend 2 days with Chris and Ritchie taking on key knowledge, working on your strategic plan, and doing detailed analysis to find the most profitable property type in YOUR area.

With a detailed plan in place, you’ll go away and start taking action to get that first deal.  You’ll have support every step of the way – a weekly group video chat session, further one to one calls, and you’ll even have a full day on-site in your area with Ritchie!

Once you’ve found your first deal, Ritchie will help you through the setup process.  You’ll get access to supplier lists to ensure top quality furniture at bargain prices, and setup checklists to make sure that none of the important steps are forgotten.  Finally, Chris will help you get listed on all of the portals, and ensure your listings are optimised to get as many bookings as possible from day one!

Due to the small numbers involved, this service is very limited in availability.  If you feel that this service would be of value to you, please send an email to to discuss upcoming availability.


Mentoring has been long established in business as one of the best methods of fast-forwarding your progress.  Many of the worlds greatest entrepeneurs like Richard Branson openly admit that they wouldn’t be where they are today without their mentors.

If you’ve started your serviced accommodation business, are looking to systemise and scale your business and have at least 3 properties, then Chris’ mentoring group may be the “fast-forward” your business is looking for.

The first key to a successful business is understanding what you are trying to achieve on a personal level.  This might be the freedom to spend more time with your family, the ability to live a certain lifestyle or to enable you to help others.

Understanding these personal goals enables you to build a business plan thats help you to achieve them.  Relating each element of your business plan back to your personal goals well help you to stay focused, motivated and enthusiastic – even through the inevitable growing pains.

After building your business plan with Chris, you’ll look at what resources and skills you will need to fulfill your plan, set out the steps you need to go through to achieve them.  Throughout the process, both Chris and your peer group will hold you accountable to seeing through your steps.

The mentorship group is structured as monthly meetings, with each meeting covering an agenda which includes progress updates, pain points, a deal clinic and learning focused on specific topics. With only 6 mentees, you’ll have plenty of personal focused attention around YOUR business.

Each group meeting is followed up 2 weeks later with a coaching call to ensure you are staying on track, and to deal with any issues that might have arisen in the meantime.  You’ll also have direct access to Chris and the rest of the team through a private Facebook group setup exclusively for mentees.

To ensure maximum value for all mentees, membership is by application only with a strict minimum of 3 serviced accommodation properties.  If you’d like the discuss this opportunity further, please email Chris at


Chris and Ritchie strongly believe that working with a peer group – such as within their mentoring groups – gives you the best possible chance of success. Due to time constraints they are only able to offer very limited amount of one-to-one consulting. Any enquiries should be directed to