Serviced Accommodation


The key to scaling your serviced accommodation business in a sustainable way
is making sure you engage in ” big picture” thinking.

For this reason, we’ve worked together on building your strategic plan, and once a
month you leave the day-to-day activity of your business and meet up in our
boardroom mastermind group.

However, we’ve put together twice yearly abroad retreats to take your “big picture”
thinking to the next level.

In the opulent surroundings of places like Barcelona, we’ll build on
the work we did with your strategic plan – focused on what you want to achieve – to
build an entire business blueprint, focused on how you will achieve it.

Our latest Barcelona retreat…

#40 – Meet the team in Barcelona

The Serviced Accommodation reaches 40 episodes, and whilst on the SA Retreat in Barcelona we thought it was a good time for you to meet the full team, AND hear about all the exciting new products we are launching to make your lives as Serviced Accommodation Business...

What is included?

We’ll start by revisiting your strategic plan, to ensure it still delivers your personal
objectives. From there we’ll build out your vision of the business: your team, your
staff and your systems. We’ll map out your business growth, and put in place KPI’s
to ensure you remain on track.

By the end of the week, you’ll have a complete
business blueprint from which you can grow your business to achieve your goals.
We’ll do all this in a way we’ve never been able to do before: with the support and
input of your peers. Bringing the value of your peers into your business planning
will transform the experience, and offer intimate insights into the workings of other

As well as Chris, Ritchie and your peers being on-hand,  we will also have in attendance an expert in systemisation from our Accelerator program, an expert in Quick Start and an expert in all things marketing.

Their expert knowledge will add another dimension to your